4 Simple Ways to Reduce Anxiety
4 Simple Ways to Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety during a crisis is virtually unavoidable.  We all feel it, and we are all doing our best to manage it.  During these unprecedented times, it is hard to find peace and a sense of calm.  However, many studies have shown that lowering stress levels and anxiety could potentially save your life.  We all know this is easier said than done, but we have laid out 4 simple things you can do to right now, that are proven to help find your zen. 

  1. Drink more tea!
Of course we have to start with the obvious, drink more tea!  But seriously, Tea is Scientifically proven to help with anxiety and stress. Tea leaves have L-theanine, an antioxidant that is proven to bring your body and mind to a calmer state.  Tea can relax your mind and body while boosting your immune system and help provide mental clarity and focus. We can’t come up with a reason NOT to drink tea.
2. Meditate
There has never been more information about the benefits of Meditation. Right at the top of the list is… reduces stress and controls anxiety.  Don’t feel like it is working for you? Then. Just.  Breath. Take a min, 2 min, or even 5 min to do some soft belly breathing.  Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth while softening your belly.  The results will be felt instantly. This method of breathing brings your body a grounded sense of ease and safety.
3.  Practice Gratitude
Nothing makes the grey feelings go away better than remembering (and writing down) what we have in our lives that is good.  It is easy to get caught up in the negative thoughts and fear of not being in control. But concentrating on what we can be thankful for has been studied and shown to improve mood, anxiety, and lower stress levels in many ways. 
4. Get outside
Vitamin D fights disease, boosts your Immune system, reduces depression and boosts weight loss.  Often called the “sunshine vitamin” it is obvious that sun is the main source of Vitamin D. But those of us who live in the midwest should be supplementing because...winter.  Whatever way you get it, it is vital to obtaining optimal health and boosting your Mood!

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