February - Self Care Month
February - Self Care Month

Let's face it.  The only person who knows what you need is you.  But why are we always putting our own needs on the back burner?  We have got the perfect remedy and we are encouraging you to take some time for you!  Go ahead and Treat yo self! Got 10 min? Got 1 hour? Got a whole day?  (you lucky duck you!)  

We have laid out the perfect relaxation/self care tips to make some time for you this month!

But first, it is important to understand WHY you need some you time.  It all boils down to stress management.  Everyone has stress to some degree, but managing it and taking some time for self care can drastically decrease the effects of stress on the body.  

Here are just a few of the ways your body responds when it is under too much stress...

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Head aches
  • Immune system disturbances
  • Tight muscles
  • Insomnia
  • Fertility problems
  • Low labido

So now that we know we need it, let's dive in to some self care ideas. 

Let's go!!

💪🏃‍♀️Exercise! Fit it in anyway you can!  Yoga, walk, Bike ride, HIIT, whatever it is for you, exercise increases your overall health and your sense of well-being, which puts more pep in your step every day. But exercise also has some direct stress-busting benefits. It pumps up your endorphins. Physical activity helps bump up the production of your brain's feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins. 

🍵Next, have a nice cup of tea of course!!  Loose leaf tea has a higher quality of ingredients in it than bagged tea so you reap the relaxing benefits far quicker.  Chamomile, Peppermint and all green tea can help combat anxiety and stress. 



📘Add to the relaxation with a good book to go along with your delicious tea!  Nothing says me time like a few min/hours with a good book. 

🛁Take that book in the bath!? Even better!  Did you know you can add tea to your bath?!?!  There are so many herbal baths one can take but a green tea bath is one of the best. Taking the bath is a sure healthy way to unwind. You get to relieve stress while having the body benefit both inside and out. Green tea is popular for its antioxidant and detoxification abilities. This is whether you choose to drink or apply it on the body.  Simply add some brewed tea to your tub or put your infuser in the tub with you!

👩And while you are in that tub how about a face mask??  Remember all the benefits of Matcha tea??  Well, did you know you can make it into a face mask and it will fight free radicals and damaged cells, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and stimulate and rejuvenate skin cells!?   Simply mix 1 tsp of matcha with 1 tsp of raw honey... mix and apply.  Leave on for 10-15 min and remove with warm wash cloth.  

Image result for matcha mask


And now that you are properly relaxed you are ready to take on the rest of your day/week/month.  Just try not to go to long before you Treat yo self again!!




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