It's a ParTEA May Newsletter
It's a ParTEA May Newsletter

Welcome to our first ever Monthly Newsletter! I'm Jenny Perlongo, founder of Soirèe Tea. This newsletter will provide you with some tea knowledge, some Soirèe happenings, and each month we will be featuring a "tea of the month" in order to highlight some of its ingredients and health benefits. This month's Tea of the month is Berries and Bubbly! This is a delicate white tea that includes Pai mu dan, blue mallow blossoms, hibiscus petals, sweet blackberry leaves, apple pieces, orange peel, cranberry pieces, and rose petals. This fruitastic white tea provides high levels of antioxidants, can help reduce the risk of heart disease, combat skin aging, and even help with weight loss. It is starting to warm up here in the midwest and this tea is WONDERFUL iced! You can brew it hot and refrigerate, or brew overnight in the fridge.

Who is Soiree Tea?

Glad you asked!

Mother's Day Tea

That's me on the right, Jenny Perlongo, owner and founder of Soirèe Tea. I live in Chicago with those 2 adorable boys above, my husband, and dog lucy. After discovering loose leaf tea, it became such a delight in my life that I wanted to share it with as many people as possible. I decided to develop an engaging and fun brand, but I also wanted to provide organic, high-quality, deliciously modern flavors of tea. Some of those flavors include, a Tiramisu flavored black tea, a blueberry green tea, and a turmeric ginger herbal tea. All of our tea is loose leaf, and I offer infusers to help with the brewing convenience. Tea bags only contain tea dust. With loose leaf, you get the benefits of both higher-quality tea and higher-quality taste! Also, I wanted to make sure I provided the highest-quality Matcha in the world. Matcha is a type of green tea that’s supercharged with more antioxidants and cancer-fighting elements than other teas. It’s wildly popular at the moment and oh so delicious! Soirèe provides 100 % organic ceremonial grade matcha tea. We’re serving it up as our Matcha Cha Cha.

All that aside, I mainly wanted to give back to the community. After losing my Dad to cancer, I developed a deep connection with those whose lives have been touched by cancer like mine. That is why I’m donating 10% of Soirèe proceeds to cancer research. It’s our Chari-TEA. We like tea puns ;)

I hope you enjoyed our very first monthly newsletter. Having a ParTEA will be serving up monthly tea knowledge, monthly Soirèe happenings, and highlights about our tea of the month!



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