It's a ParTEA June Newsletter
It's a ParTEA June Newsletter

Welcome to our second Monthly Newsletter! I'm Jenny Perlongo, founder of Soirèe Tea.This newsletter will provide you with some tea knowledge, some Soirèe happenings, and each month we will be featuring a "tea of the month" in order to highlight some of its ingredients and health benefits. This month's Tea of the month is our brand new Mango Tango. This peach mango black tea gives the feeling of happy days in the sun.  It is the perfect addition to your summer barbecue, day at the beach, picnic, or evening backyard dinner.  Wonderful Iced or hot.

How to prepare Loose Leaf Tea Iced

It's so easy!

Learning any new craft can always be a bit intimidating. Luckily we are breaking it down for you in the simplest way possible! There are many ways to brew iced tea but here are 2 simple methods to brew the perfect refreshing iced tea for your summer gatherings or everyday beverage!

peach mango iced tea


Cold Brew Method (best for overnight preparation)

  • Add 7-10 tsp loose leaf tea to the 50oz pitcher
  • Gently pour 2 cups hot water first, then 4 cups cold water
  • Place pitcher in fridge. Steep 2 -6 hours.
  • Pour to serve!

Hot Brew Method (best for quick preparation)

  • Add 7-10 tsp loose leaf tea to the 50oz pitcher.
  • Gently pour 3 cups hot water first, steep 2-5 minutes.
  • Add 2-3 cups ice cold water with ice cubes.
  • Pour to serve!

Fun Fact: Did you know that over 77% of the tea brewed in the United States was prepared using tea bags. 84% of the tea that is consumed is black tea and 1/2 of that tea is iced. Black tea has so many health benefits and those benefits are exponentially better when made using loose leaf tea. Black tea has been known to have high levels of antioxidants. aids in digestion, boosts energy, fights cancer, and lowers cholesterol and risk of heart disease.

Enjoy this refreshing black tea for your summer go to drink while taking full advantage of the healthy side affects!

Deal of the Month!

This Month we are giving away a free Pretty in Pink Infuser with every order that includes Mango Tango!! Be sure to add the infuser to your shopping cart!

pink leaf infuser


June Events:


Joyful Gathering

This month I had the honor of being a part of the Joyful Gathering, hosted by Allison Murray. It was a lovely event with a lot of wonderful, like minded women, all learning more about navigating the blogging/influencing world from some of the best.

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