5 Reasons to Switch to Loose Leaf Tea
5 Reasons to Switch to Loose Leaf Tea

Why Loose leaf?

If you're like us, you might not quite remember how you got so into tea.  It was probably a gradual progression, starting with your mom making tea for you when you were sick.  Then it was just something you had in the house. Bagged tea is on every grocery shelf and at every restaurant.  It is cheap and easy to brew so why not?! But now that you're all grown up, you deserve better!! We are breaking down the top 5 reasons it is time to upgrade your tea game!

  1.  Bagged tea is made of tea “dust and fannings” from broken tea leaves.  Seriously, who wants to drink dust?? Whole leaf tea is made from the whole leaf, while the tea bags are made from the opposite.  For that reason, the tea packaged in bags inside a box tends to become stale and flavorless. Um, no thanks!
  2. The flavors of loose-leaf tea are richer and deeper.  Sounds like our ideal pockets;) But seriously, whole leaf teas provide you with more flavor, aroma, antioxidants, and pleasure than the tiny leaf bits and stale tea dust in most mass-produced tea bags.
  3. Tea bags are typically produced in mass quantities (mostly overseas) and then tend to sit on the shelf for months or even years before they make it to your mug.  Show your mug some love and steep some real, fresh tea leaves. Your taste buds will thank you.
  4. If you have been following the “tea” news lately, you may have read/seen that studies have emerged showing microplastics can be leached into your mug from certain plastic tea bags.  Double no thanks!
  5. Finally, tea leaves need room to expand to unleash their full flavor potential.  You may be familiar with the swirling, bobbing and pinching required to use a teabag.  Give your pinchers a rest and let those beautiful tea leaves blossom to their full potential!

Make the switch, upgrade your tea game, and treat yo'self with the delicious Soirée Tea loose leaf tea blends!

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