Welcome to Soirèe Tea Blog
Welcome to Soirèe Tea Blog
Welcome to the Soiree Blog!
We hope you’ll check back
regularly to get updates on all things tea-related. For our first post, we’ll dive into the story behind Soiree and introduce you to the founder of the brand.
Jenny Perlongo is a tea enthusiast residing in Chicago with her husband Mike and two sons, Danny and Ryan, and dog Lucy. We wanted our readers to get to know her and her passion for tea a bit better, so we sat her down for a Q&A.



Q: Let me start by asking, why do you think people should drink tea?

A: Definitely for its health benefits. But Soirèe is all about taste too. We’ve created some really delicious flavors to help people enjoy the health benefits! I became really interested in holistic wellbeing after my Dad passed away due to esophageal cancer. My husband Mike also lost his father to cancer, and those losses fueled my curiosity about disease prevention through diet. I quickly became more mindful of what I was eating and drinking. I learned that tea is slightly lower in caffeine content than coffee, and is full of antioxidants. So, one morning I picked up a cup of green tea, and the rest is history.


Q: What made you wake up one day and decide to build a business all about tea?

A: Tea became such a delight in my life and I wanted to share it with the world. I decided to develop an engaging and fun brand, but I also wanted to provide organic, high-quality, deliciously modern flavors of tea. All of our tea is loose leaf, and we offer infusers to help with the brewing convenience. Tea bags only contain tea dust. With loose leaf, you get the benefits of both higher-quality tea and higher-quality taste! Also, I wanted to make sure we provided the highest-quality Matcha. Matcha is a type of green tea that’s supercharged with more antioxidants and cancer-fighting elements than other teas. It’s wildly popular at the moment and oh so delicious! We’re serving it up as our Matcha Cha Cha.


All that aside, I mainly wanted to give back to the community. I share a deep connection with those whose lives have been touched by cancer like mine. That is why I’m donating a portion of the Soirèe proceeds to cancer research. It’s our Chari-TEA. We like tea puns ;)


Q: Speaking of Soirèe, give us a little insight behind the name.

A: Soirèe is simply another word for party! Each of our flavors excites the taste buds and relaxes the mind. Hence the tagline ParTEA in every cup! I believe life should be a party and every party needs a beverage. Tea has been such a ritual drink throughout the ages – people have been hosting tea parties since as early as the 17th century! The process of drinking tea brings people together and helps us connect in an intimate way – which is so needed in this crazy life.


Q: What’s the first thing you get up and drink every morning?

A: It depends on the day – sometimes it’s Matcha, sometimes it’s green tea. My go-to right now is Soiree’s blueberry-flavored green tea, Green Goddess.  It's sooooo good!


Soirèe tea offers a variety of delicious tea flavors and accessories. No matter what your mood or flavor, start your Soirèe today!

Becky Goplin is a Marketing Manager and Content Specialist working from her home in Madison, WI. You can catch her on her MacBook, sipping on a chai latte. Find her on Instagram @bgoplin and Twitter @BeckyGoplin.

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