5 Reasons Mom's Love Tea!
5 Reasons Mom's Love Tea!


5 Reason why mom’s love tea

She’s Mom -- the maker of beds, favorite comfort foods, master of hide-and-seek and expert builder of forts. With Mother’s Day approaching, we’re all thinking about ways we can show our appreciation for the moms in our lives, and I have to say – in my six years of mom experience – it’s often the inexpensive gifts that are the most meaningful.

Moms are always looking for ways to relax, so we thought we would write about some reasons why tea makes a great Mother’s Day gift.  

Reason #1:  It’s calming.  Enough said. No but really, mommying is no easy task, and can come with a lot of stress and anxiety.  Studies have shown that brewing a cup of tea can help lower levels of anxiety and provide a calming effect.

Reason #2:  It’s anti aging and boosts Immunity.  Every mom wants to look and feel like a young mom.  Most tea is inherently rich in antioxidants and other vital minerals. As a result, they have the ability to not only prevent premature aging in the skin, but also offer many other health benefits.

Reason #3;  The Caffeine.  Children have a lot of energy and we moms need to keep up.  Sure you can have coffee to help you get through the day but the problem is, that jolt only lasts so long. (1-2 hours to be exact)  The caffeine in tea, particularly matcha tea, provides long lasting focused energy (3-6 hours) throughout your day, and won’t mess with your precious sleep if you need an afternoon pick me up!

Reason #4: Metabolism Boost.  Who doesn’t want that?? Especially after growing a human(s) inside our bodies which causes us to gain weight and our bodies to change. Green tea contains amino acids that signal the body to burn stored fat. The caffeine in green tea also helps boost energy so you can power through your workouts more efficiently

Reason #5:  It makes a great gift.  Many tea lovers haven’t discovered the enhanced health benefits and higher quality taste of loose leaf tea.  Give mom the gift of tea and the perfect brewing accessory and she will be truly wowed. Mom’s want a thoughtful gift that makes them feel appreciated but with the first four reasons in mind, she is sure to feel the love!

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Here are a few suggestions for first timers...

The Coffee Addict -  Terrific Turmeric and PJ Soirèe with Tiffany’s Blue Tea pot - Great for night time tea.  Matcha if you are trying to cut back on the coffee. Check out our Matcha how-to here!

Tea Newbie - Black Tie Tiramisu, Berries and Bubbly, or Peppermint ParTEA.  Terrific Turmeric and PJ Soirèe are great for the Tea newbie as well. Tiffany’s Blue Tea pot!

Tea novice - Green Goddess, Mint Ginger Jubilee, or Mardi Grey. Accessories - Pretty in Pink Infuser or Pinapple infuser

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